Restore Your Smile With Full & Partial Dentures in Tucson, AZ

At Excellent Dental, we understand the challenges and concerns that arise when you’re missing one or more teeth. That’s why we offer restorative full and partial dentures, which provide a reliable, effective, and natural-looking solution when you’re interested in rejuvenating your smile.

What are full and partial dentures?

Full and partial dentures are custom-made dental restorations designed to replace one, many, or all of a patient’s missing teeth. Full dentures are recommended for patients who have lost all their natural teeth, while implant-supported dentures are suitable when some natural teeth remain. These restorations are meticulously created to fit comfortably and blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

What benefits do these restorations provide?

One of the most significant advantages of dentures is their immediate impact on your self-confidence. Missing teeth can make you self-conscious about your appearance and hesitant to smile or speak in public. With full or partial dentures, you can regain confidence, restore your natural-looking and complete smile, and enhance your facial aesthetics.

Furthermore, dentures play a vital role in maintaining proper nutritional intake. Missing teeth can make it challenging to chew and enjoy various foods, leading to dietary restrictions and potential nutritional deficiencies. These restorations rejuvenate your ability to bite and chew properly, enabling you to enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet. By improving your ability to consume a wide range of foods, dentures contribute to your overall health and well-being.

At Dental Excellence, our dedicated team of professionals take pride in delivering the general dentistry you deserve, and we’re happy to create custom-made dentures that enable our patients to look and feel great. If you want to learn more about these prosthetic solutions and whether they may benefit your smile, contact us today!

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  • Rejuvenate your smile
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  • Enjoy the foods you love
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  • Prioritize your well-being!