Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and keeping your teeth healthy can help keep you in excellent overall health. Dental fillings are the best option if you need to repair damaged or chipped teeth or if you have a cavity. Dental fillings work to stop painful decay or serious infection that might otherwise occur by sealing damaged parts of the tooth, such as cavities and fissures. At Dental Excellence, we specialize in dental fillings in Tucson, AZ. Contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Bell, Dr. Hornsby, Dr. Spaeth, Dr. Biede, or Dr. Hiremath!

What are Dental Fillings?

Damaged teeth can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, making your smile look less attractive. You can get rid of the agony and anguish by choosing to have a filling placed or fix a broken tooth, which can also restore your healthy and happy smile.

A filling can bring back the function and appearance of a tooth that has tooth decay. We can assist you in choosing the dental filling that is best for you from various materials, including tooth-colored composite resins, gold, and amalgam. 

Is There Any Urgency to Getting a Dental Filling? 

Although tooth decay is not always painful, you cannot reverse it. A cavity can only get bigger once it already exists. Delaying treatment could result in the need for a crown or possibly a root canal as the need for a filling eventually progresses. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should consider calling us to get a cavity filled:

  • Tenderness when biting down
  • Sensitivity to sweet foods or beverages (including juice or coffee)
  • Feeling a rough spot on the tooth
  • Issues with food catching in a specific place during each meal
  • A constant, dull toothache
  • The appearance of a black or brown spot on the surface of your tooth

Dental fillings can:

  • Halt the growth of cavities.
  • Prevent the development of severe infections or abscesses.
  • Restore durability and strength.
  • Lessen hot/cold sensitivity.
  • Help you maintain your natural smile as long as you can.

Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings

The significant difference between composite and amalgam fillings is the material used. Dental amalgam is a blend of several metals, including silver. Resin composites are made from ceramic and plastic compounds. (Many people prefer resin fillings because they do not contain mercury and because the resin is tooth-colored.) Resin fillings generally will cost more than amalgam, which can make the service cost higher than for a comparable amalgam filling.

Dental Filling Process

We utilize a specialized tool to check teeth for soft or black spots during the examination. X-rays provide us with even more insight into these problem areas. 

Once we have determined you have a cavity, we will go through some options you can choose, and we will develop a treatment plan. Once we begin the dental filling process, we will:

  1. To keep the tooth clean and free of saliva while we work on it, isolate it using a small, protective sheet known as a “dental dam.”
  2. Administer a local anesthetic around your mouth’s afflicted area.
  3. To prepare your tooth, carefully take off any decayed or damaged tooth surfaces using specialized dental equipment.
  4. Clean the prepared tooth to get rid of dirt and germs.
  5. Apply the dental filling material to the area, then shape it to resemble a natural tooth.
  6. Use a hand-held light to harden the filling material.

When fillings are first placed, it is common to feel sensitivity to heat and cold; however, this sensitivity usually goes away after the tooth or teeth become used to the new filling.

High-Quality Dental Fillings in Tucson, AZ

No matter your age or dental health history, anyone can get cavities. Dental fillings are a standard, fast, and effective procedure. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule your fillings and lessen the likelihood that you’ll have to pay extra to fix cavities or damaged teeth with more intrusive procedures later.

Now is the ideal moment to focus on your oral health if it has been some time since your last visit to the dentist. At Dental Excellence, we are eager to show you how easy and pleasant taking care of your smile can be. To arrange your next regular dental examination and cleaning, contact us right now!

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