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A Comparison of DIY Teeth Whitening Kits vs. Professional Services: A Detailed Look at Both Options

Teeth whitening in Tucson, AZ, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can make a big difference in the appearance of your smile. For those looking to whiten their teeth, there are two main options: DIY teeth whitening kits or professional services. We’ll take a detailed look at both options, comparing DIY teeth whitening kits with professional services to help you decide which is right for you.   

DIY teeth whitening kits are widely available and relatively inexpensive, making them an attractive option for whitening teeth. These kits usually include whitening strips, gels, or toothpaste that you can apply directly to the teeth. You can use DIY kits in the comfort of your home, and they usually provide results in just a few days. However, over-the-counter teeth whitening options are less effective than DIY kits and can cause tooth sensitivity. 


Over-the-Counter Options

  • Whitening Toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste works by using abrasive and chemical ingredients to scrub away surface stains on the teeth. Pros: It is the least expensive and most convenient option for whitening teeth. Cons: It does not actually whiten teeth. It just removes surface stains.  
  • Whitening Strips: Whitening strips are coated in the peroxide-based whitening gel. Pros: They are affordable and easy to use. Cons: They can cause sensitivity and take a few weeks to show results.  
  • Whitening Gel: Whitening gel is a peroxide-based bleaching agent applied to the teeth. Pros: It can be used at home and produces fast results. Cons: It can cause sensitivity and is unsuitable for people with tooth decay, gum disease, or exposed roots.  
  • Whitening Trays: Whitening trays are general, not custom, trays filled with a bleaching gel that you apply to your teeth. Pros: They are very effective and produce long-lasting results. Cons: They are expensive and time-consuming to use, and the trays don’t fully form to your teeth which can cause teeth sensitivity.  
  • Whitening Pens: Whitening pens are small pens filled with a peroxide-based whitening solution. Pros: They are convenient and easy to use. Cons: They are not as effective as other whitening options and take a few weeks to show results.


Professional Teeth Whitening 

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening services are more expensive than DIY kits but offer superior results. At Dental Excellence in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Thomas Bell, Dr. Dan Hornsby, Dr. Satish Hiremath, and Dr. Paul Spaeth offer professional take-home teeth whitening services. Their services include custom take-home whitening trays, and professional-grade whitening gel applied directly to the teeth. The gel removes surface stains and discoloration, resulting in a brighter, whiter smile.   


Pros and Cons

Regarding teeth whitening, there are pros and cons to both DIY kits and professional services. DIY kits are more affordable and can be used in the comfort of your home, but they are less effective than professional services and can cause tooth sensitivity. Professional teeth whitening is more expensive but can provide superior results in the comfort of your own home.   


Teeth Whitening in Tucson, AZ

Ultimately, the choice between DIY kits and professional services is personal. If you’re looking for a quick fix, DIY kits might be the right choice. However, if you want long-lasting results and are willing to invest in teeth whitening, then Dental Excellence in Tucson, AZ, is a great choice. Our experienced dentists offer take-home whitening trays and professional-grade whitening gel to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Contact us today to get started!

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